Coffee table – Brass


The quality of this slim steel coffee table reveals itself through an exciting play of lines, surfaces and the quality of the material in combination with light. As beautiful as it is useful.

Brass is a very delicate material. Therefore the production process takes a lot of time. The minor fingerprints and scratches that will occur during the production process are unavoidable. As soon as the metal meets the air or the slightest touch it will develop the beautiful patina we like over time, evolving and adapting to their environment.

Design   2016
Produced   5 pc
Production   The Netherlands
Material   Solid Brass
Technique   Cut, machine-bent and hard soldered
Dimensions   50 x 50 x 35 cm
Finish   None
Additional   Steel tray in brass
Saddle leather coaster set, colour cognac, 20 and 9 cm diameter
Photography   Joren Naerebout
Editor   Atelier Naerebout

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