About Atelier Naerebout.

Joren Naerebout is as minimalist a designer as they get. His work is ever so quiet and simple looking but it is the painstaking process that goes into the design and manufacturing of his products that is truly humbling. Tirelessly researched and perfected, Joren Naerebout’s elegant everyday functional designs become a joy of lines and materiality, a play of light and shadow. 

Atelier Naerebout is all about the maker cult. Products are locally made by a small network of craftsman. 
The products made at Atelier Naerebout are modest. Modest in form, in function and in dimension. Doing it’s work in the everyday life. We believe the world is complicated enough and there is a serious need in simplicity and tranquillity


"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity." Charles Mingus

Atelier Naerebout Studio 2
Atelier Naerebout Studio 3